Ethically handcrafted in Portugal and Brazil.


It means that instead of cheap and harmful materials made of plastic, polyester(fossil fuels derivates), or animals. We choose sustainable solutions.

Arcas Bear created plant-based, vegan and sustainable sneakers. To take good care of your feet by leading you to take good care of nature as well.

LIFE creates life; instead of killing, WE SAVE animals and the planet’s resources.

Walk with a balance between comfort and sustainability.

Features to create a POSITIVE IMPACT and a sustainable lifestyle:

- Plant-Based and recycled materials

- Vegan

- Dye-free

- WATER Footprint reduced

- Less WATER consumption

- Recycled Cotton

- Recycled water bottles

- Durable

- Resistant

- Anti-bacterial (odor resistant)

- Reduce your carbon footprint

- One pair of shoes = 2 trees planted


How to make good shoes?

We don’t kill animals nor use animal products.

We do not cut a tree down. Instead, we EMPOWER nature’s biodiversity.

Arcas Bear, a PLANT-BASED sneaker made with natural, sustainable, and recycled materials, results from years of DESIGN THINKING research.

The upper textile (outside) is made with pre-consumer recycled cotton(selected and recycled by colors)and recycled water bottles to create a new thread that dispenses 100% new COLORS ADDED. This process creates a new thread dye and is bleach-free.

Saves tons of WATER.

Creates social and environmental positive impact.

Enjoy our "WALK ON CLOUDS"(experience); get extra comfort; we added an amazing cushion of coconut (from the 🥥🌴 palms to you.)

The insole is made of cork. An ethical and antibacterial material. No need to put your socks on.

An excellent and sustainable combination of regular and recycled rubber creates a smart and renewable sole from colorful scraps(small pieces) once wasted, now REUSED.


Care Instructions:

Scrub with warm soap and water. Hand washes only.

Lay flat to dry.

Do not put in washing machine or dryer.


SIZE CONVERSION CHARTS Please check your feet size based on our BLUE CHART, "in inches or centimeters," regarding your size. Remember, our sneakers run small, especially if you have a "half-size" normally you have to get it bigger. To guarantee, PLEASE CHECK your size in our BLUE TABLE.

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