I am Cynthia Arcas Borghy ,founder of ARCAS BEAR.

I started this journey as a designer.

My first steps into Arcas Bear were totally inspired by my son and his way to see and to inquire about the world around him. One night, skywatching together, I was inspired by the stars, so we drew this bear.

The symbol of Arcas Bear is the Little Dipper, also known as the Little Bear constellation. The emblem on the Californians flag is, likewise, a bear, it represents all Californians and it is an earthly symbol (book to come about this).

Back to Earth

We are based in USA, California, in OC, but always between LA and San Francisco as well.

My career in footwear and products started in Brazil, in the Fashion industry. Then I moved to Italy, where I studied Fashion Design. Back to California, I got my Master's degree in Business.

It has been a long and transformative process (still ongoing), a personal and professional journey.

AB is a Vegan brand, we LOVE animals alive and free. I know, and you know that we can do more for our planet by just rethinking our assumptions.

As a founder, I had this dream to create products with purpose, where simplicity, and daily products like shoes can inspire people to learn more about the environment. Also to be more caring and loving. With small steps, we all can do something to preserve this beautiful planet.

To Earth, Mother Earth, to you, my deepest gratitude.

With Love

Cynthia 💚