ARCAS is the last name of our founder and the name of the Greek mythological character who was turned into "the bear" then into a  constellation that is known as the "Ursa Minor or Little Dipper". The  North Star is located in this constellation and it’s our inspiration, our TRUE NORTH, our navigational compass rose to guide us, on everything that connects people, environment and knowledge. It is also the place where these three elements become ONE as #ONEPLANET #ARCAS BEAR strives to raise awareness and consciousness towards our planet, to EVOLVE while staying true to our core values.


We operate out of California and, coincidentally, the bear is the symbol on the California state flag. As a VEGAN brand we protect wildlife and animal welfare. We do not use animal leather on our products.

ARCAS BEAR will lead us into an amazing adventure through a sustainable world, while reading or also walking on the planet is going to be a different experience for adults and kids. 



Our mission is to create an innovative, eco-sustainable company and products that strive to benefit people,  protect the environment, animal welfare(vegan), on common gain not just profit-oriented.  



We share a mindset that integrates and connects all,  nature, lifestyle, knowledge, diversity, globalization, innovation, science and FUN. We want to INSPIRE people to EVOLVE and develop an eco-conscious mindset for a POSITIVE IMPACT on Earth. 

There is so much power in our daily choices.